Trick Flow by Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors

Developed for extreme demand, severe race duty applications, these high quality fuel injector sets are made for Trick Flow by Injector Dynamics, one of the premier names in high-flow performance injectors. Injector Dynamics batch-tests specially modified fuel injectors and carefully matches them into sets based on their dynamic flow across the pulsewidth range. The result is vastly superior cylinder-to-cylinder consistency, even at very low pulsewidths.

Dead time compensation value tables for pressure and voltage in native Ford or GM formats are included to insure proper compensation for ECU tuning and to insure air/fuel ratios will remain consistent as atmospheric or voltage conditions change.

All flow values are at 3 bar (43.5 psi).


  • TFS-891000 GM LT1/LS1, 95 lbs./hr., set of 8
  • TFS-891001 GM LS2/LS3/LS7/L76/L92/L99, 95 lbs./hr., set of 8
  • TFS-891002 1986-2004 Ford 5.0L/4.6L, 95 lbs./hr., set of 8
  • TFS-891003 2005 and later Ford 4.6L/5.0L, 95 lbs./hr., set of 8

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