Trick Flow GenX® LS Cylinder Heads Now Emissions-Legal in All 50 States

Rejoice, late model LS fans! All Trick Flow GenX aluminum cylinder heads for GM LS engines are now emissions-legal for use in all 50 states on all 1997 to 2015 GM vehicles (except 2014-15 Corvette) originally equipped with an LS engine (CARB E.O. Number D-747).

Want to improve the performance of your 5.3L Silverado? Building a big-cubic inch or supercharged LS7 for your fifth-gen Camaro or a serious LS3 for a C5 Vette? Summit Racing has has you covered with the complete line of Trick Flow GenX cylinder heads:

GenX Cathedral Port Cylinder Heads
Trick Flow GenX cathedral port cylinder heads are designed to increase the performance of LS1-, LS2-, and LSX-powered cars and trucks. Top-of-the-line CNC Competition Ported runners have a premium high-resolution surface finish for maximum flow and performance. Trick Flow engineers altered the valve angles from 15° to 13.5° to decrease valve shrouding, increase mid-lift airflow, and improve rocker arm-to-valve cover clearance. Material was added at the rocker arm mounting points to increase high-rpm valvetrain stability. The spark plugs were relocated in the CNC-profiled combustion chambers to enhance mid-lift airflow and increase the rigidity of the casting for extreme horsepower applications.

The GenX Cathedral Port Cylinder heads are available with 205cc intake runners ideal for 4.8L, 5.3L, and 5.7L LS engines, or with your choice of 215, 224, 235, and 245cc intake runners for larger cubic inch LS1 and LS2 engines.

Trick Flow also offers the GenX 220 Cathedral Port cylinder head for LS1 and LS2. This head features a “Fast As Cast”® runner design that duplicates the port entry and runner of Trick Flow’s CNC-ported heads in an affordable, as-cast cylinder head.

GenX 255 Square Port Cylinder Heads for LS3
Trick Flow engineers took the best features of factory GM LS3 and LS7 cylinder heads and added their own airflow expertise to create the ultimate square port LS cylinder head for large-bore (4.00 inch and up) LS3 engines. The GenX 255 heads feature fully CNC Competition Ported runners with a premium high-resolution surface finish for maximum airflow and performance potential. The valve angles have been changed from 15° to 12° to increase piston-to-valve clearance and allow the use of larger camshafts. The coolant holes through the head deck were redesigned to work with all LS head gasket and engine block combinations. Stock LS3 ports accommodate LS3-style intake manifolds and LS9/LSA blower assemblies. GenX 255 heads are available with standard and 6-bolt per cylinder mounting patterns.

GenX 260 Square Port Cylinder Heads for LS7
Trick Flow’s GenX 260 square port aluminum cylinder heads are designed for LS-based engines with a minimum bore diameter of 4.100 inch. Trick Flow improved the factory LS7 design by adding more material for increased rigidity and strength. The heads also feature removable modular one-piece, 2024-T4 billet aluminum rocker arm mounts for high-end shaft rocker setups.

Trick Flow’s high flow, high velocity CNC Competition Ported runners with the premium high-resolution surface finish provide all-out air flow and performance throughout the entire powerband. Other major improvements include a 6-bolt per cylinder head retention pattern for use on Chevrolet Performance LSX and other aftermarket blocks, clearance for 3/8 inch pushrods, and through-deck coolant holes to fit all GM LS gasket and block combinations. The GenX 260 Square Port Cylinder Heads work with all LS7-style intake manifolds. The heads maintain the factory intake and exhaust port locations, valve angles, and valve locations for use with existing LS7-based pistons.

Trick Flow GenX LS Cylinder Heads are available fully assembled or as bare castings. Fully assembled heads include stainless steel valves, valve springs, steel or titanium spring retainers, and valve locks. The GenX 255 and 260 square port heads are also available with optional valve spring packages.