Trick Flow Specialties TFS-94000-12 - Trick Flow® Engine Oil Supplements

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Trick Flow® Engine Oil Supplements TFS-94000-12

Motor Oil Additive, ZDDP, Engine Break-In, 12 oz., Set of 12

Part Number:
Oil Additive Type:
Engine break-in
Oil Volume:
12 oz.
Sold as a set of 12.
One 12 oz. bottle of Trick Flow engine oil supplement added to 6 qts. of oil will increase Phosphorous by 1200 ppm and Zinc by 1400 ppm.

Trick Flow® Engine Oil Supplements provide added protection during the critical break-in process of your fresh engine. Specially designed for flat-tappet camshafts, Trick Flow's engine oil supplements have been formulated with the latest anti-wear additives for extreme pressure protection. Designed for use with conventional motor oils that lack the necessary zinc, phosphorus (ZDDP), and anti-wear additive packages, these oil supplements are necessary for protection against excessove camshaft and valvetrain wear. They can even be used with every oil change for the ultimate in protection against premature valvetrain wear.


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