Trick Flow® R-Series Tunnel Wedge Intake Manifold for Ford 390-428 TFS-56400114

Intake Manifold, R-Series, Tunnel Wedge, Medium Rise, Dual Carb, Ford Big Block FE, 390, 406, 427, 428, Each

Part Number:
Intake Section Included:
Engine Block Style:
Stock/OEM standard deck
Carburetor Quantity:
Intake Style:
Single plane
Basic Operating RPM Range:
Intake Manifold Height:
6.600 in.
Intake Finish:
Intake Material:
Sold individually.
Includes O-ring sealed bottom plate, (14) socket head cap screws, (2) button head cap screws, locking wire, and (1) hose fitting, Breather cover plate, optional freeze plug. This medium rise manifold is designed to use the original style Ford FE dual carburetor and throttle linkage. Please refer to page 3 in the instructions for additional information.

Ford FE fans know that when it comes to building a Ford FE engine, nostalgia and horsepower go hand-in-hand. One classic manifold that has never gone out of style is the rare Tunnel Wedge intake. It was a landmark design 50 years ago, but Trick Flow knew that with some modern ingenuity and manufacturing know-how they could make it even better. So Trick Flow’s high performance engineers went to work and the R-Series Tunnel Wedge Intake Manifold for Ford 390-428 was born.

Part of the original Tunnel Wedge’s cool factor was its appearance, so Trick Flow took special care to match the looks of the legendary OEM version while maintaining the original carburetor locations. On the inside, Trick Flow made noticeable improvements to the port design while also incorporating a much-needed O-ringed sealed bottom plate. Cast in premium grade A319 aluminum, the manifold is topped with carb flanges machined for original Ford FE Tunnel Wedge-type square bore carburetors. Mounting hardware is included.


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