Trick Flow® by Cometic MLS Exhaust Gaskets TFS-51490931

Exhaust Gaskets, Header, Multi-Layer Steel, Rectangular Port, Ford, Small Block, Pair

Part Number:
Port Style:
Gasket Material:
Multi-layer steel
Port Height (in):
1.500 in.
Port Width (in):
1.250 in.
Thickness (in):
0.030 in.
Sold as a pair.

Cometic Gasket's commitment to cutting-edge technology has produced superior-quality gaskets like /Trick Flow® by Cometic MLS exhaust gaskets. Constructed from multiple layers of strong stainless steel, these gaskets have excellent rebound ability and corrosion-resistant characteristics. The outer layers are coated with a heat-resistant, rubber-based material to create a seal that can withstand a variety of sealing and load conditions and surfaces. These gaskets are ideal for all types of head and block material and their design promotes an even torque load across the sealing surface, allowing for measurably reduced bore distortion.


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