LS-Powered BMW E30 Guns for 600 Horsepower

Smokey's Dyno and Performance in Akron, OH isn’t the first shop to mate a GM LS engine with BMW E30 (3 Series).

"The E30 is a very popular chassis for an LS swap," said Jamy Lippencott, vice president of Smokey's Dyno & Performance. "Road course guys are taking stock LS motors and putting them right into an E30 because of how easy it is. Those cars are making well over 300 horsepower at the wheels just with stock swaps. The BMW guys are pretty much all over it."

That's why the guys at Smokey's decided to turn things up a notch with a something a little wilder—a 600-horsepower, LS-powered BMW E30 known as Project GMW. The build features an LS3 engine assembled by Trick Flow and topped with Trick Flow GenX® 245 Cylinder Heads.

And they're not stopping there. Once they achieve their goal of 600 naturally aspirated horsepower, the Smokey's gang plans to add a couple of turbos and turn up the boost.

Read the entire story and watch the chassis dyno test video at  LS-Powered BMW E30 Guns for 600 Horsepower