Iron Eagle: Building an Iron Block LQ4 LS Engine

Chevy fan or not, you can’t deny the performance potential of GM’s LS series engines. They share most internal and external components with each other and fit in just about any place a Gen I Chevy small block fits. When you see Mustangs running LS engines, you know GM hit a home run. 

Follow along as Jefferson Bryant sets out to assemble a 500-ish horsepower, high-torque LS engine for one of his projects, a 1971 Buick GS. He wanted a minimum 6.0 liters (366 c.i.d.) of displacement and an iron block for extra strength. There are several iron block 6.0 liter LS engines from the factory, but most notable are the LQ4 and LQ9 Vortec. Topping off the engine will be a set of Trick Flow GenX® 220 aluminum cylinder heads, about the perfect pairing of a short block and heads as there ever was. 

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