Big Ford Horsepower Part Three

Dyno Results for Trick Flow Specialties' 598 Ford

We've covered short block assembly and top-end installation in Parts One and Two of this series. That just left carburetion, ignition, and external accessories separating the engine from its date with Trick Flow's Superflow dyno.

We fabricated a front motor plate from quarter-inch thick aluminum to hang the front-mounted accessories (water pump, vacuum pump, and oil pump). They also put together hose assemblies for the oil pump and vacuum pump using Summit Racing -12 AN fittings and Earl's Pro-Lite 350 hose.

With the last bolt torqued, it was time to see what this collection was worth in the horsepower department. We hooked the 598 to the dyno's life support systems, filled the sump with Joe Gibbs Driven 15W50 oil, and made some break-in pulls to get the engine settled in and ready to make some power.

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