"Ultimate Bolt-On Performance"

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Trick Flow GenX™ Street/Strip Cylinder Heads for Naturally Aspirated GM LT1 Engines

AKRON, Trick Flow Specialties introduces the best-flowing cast cylinder heads available for naturally aspirated LT1 engines: Trick Flow GenX™ Street/Strip Cylinder Heads. Out-of-the-box, these heads are easily capable of producing well in excess of 500 naturally aspirated horsepower.

Trick Flow GenX Street/Strip Cylinder Heads for GM LT1 feature 54cc combustion chambers to maintain the factory 10.25:1 compression ratio, but have CNC-profiled and bowl-blended combustion chambers to maximize performance. The heads have 21° valve angles—reduced from 23°—to increase piston-to-valve clearance and unshroud the chambers for better flow.

GenX Street/Strip Cylinder Heads for GM LT1 also feature 185cc intake and 67cc exhaust Fast As Cast™ runners that duplicate the port shape and profile of fully CNC-ported runners. The result is near CNC-ported power and performance for the same price as standard cast cylinder heads—and the best-flowing cast LT1 heads available.

The fully assembled heads come with stainless steel 2.020" intake/1.600" exhaust valves, GM LS-style 1.300" double valve springs, chromemoly steel retainers and locks, guideplates, and ARP 3/8" rocker studs. In addition, these heads retain the use of all stock sensors and fittings. Bare cylinder head castings are also available.

Based in Akron, Ohio, Trick Flow Specialties offers products that provide "Ultimate Bolt-On Performance." Trick Flow's product lines include cylinder heads, intake manifolds, camshafts, valvetrain components, and more.